A natural storyteller, I’ve been searching for and telling stories all my life. We humans are wired for stories, not for data, and storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communications. Every culture on earth engages in storytelling. Stories can bond us to each other and become part of our collective consciousness. 

I believe there is no greater power on earth than a story and that storytelling can (and should be) used in all types of communications. Throughout my career, I’ve tried to infuse story whenever and wherever I can. My skill is finding stories everywhere and in everything.

During my career, I’ve worked for the media, governments, non-profits, and corporations. I’ve spent most of my professional life writing, editing and creating/managing documentation, websites and social media. I have a bachelor degree in communications as well as certificates in advanced grammar & style, content marketing and social media.

More than 100 of my feature articles have been published in print and online plus I've written hundreds of blog posts and two books. I’ve edited magazines, newsletters, journals and full-length books on two continents. And I was a broadcast journalist and a Hansard editor. I’ve built and managed more than a dozen websites, writing all content and creating layouts & designs using various platforms including WordPress and Blogger.

While researching my family history for the past few years, I've worked in various capacities in the genealogy world including journal editor, website developer, forum moderator, writing group host, workshop instructor, and conference presenter.

My professional affiliations have included the Canadian Association of Journalists, International Association of Business Communicators, Canadian Women in Communications, the Society for Technical Communications, and others. 

I have strong ethics and am committed to humanitarian principles, human rights and social justice. I practice ethical standards that comply with the codes of conduct of several professional associations and industry bodies.

For more details about my work along with samples, please visit my online portfolio at www.kmlowe.ca

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